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Umbrella Shirts is a San Francisco based promotional products agency pursuing the finest expression of our clients’ brand through concept, graphic and product alignment.

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Our Concept


The Umbrella Concept

Umbrella was conceived to protect and expand local bay area artists and their brands. Initially, we specialized in custom silk screening, specifically transferring Graffiti art to garments.
It was a very tricky business. Years of running our custom silk screening business, as well as developing our own clothing brand – Famous Four Colors, have taught us several important theories and techniques when it comes to garment decoration.
Among them all, one theory stands-out as having the most influential impact on your clients and constituents i.e., concept, graphic and product all must align.
Millions of dollars are spent each year in an industry populated by quick merchandising solutions:

A great concept does not mean your finished product will work.
A great graphic means nothing without the right blank product.

Without proper alignment of all three, the emotional lasting impact you seek is uncertain. As simple as an umbrella is, the protection one provides cannot be understated.

Today, Umbrella Shirts provides our clients with full merchandising opportunities. We dedicate our time to evaluating market trends as well as decorating techniques. We pursue these techniques so that your concept, graphic, and final product do align, so that your brand is expressed in the most influential and effective way.

pursue these techniques so that your concept, graphic, and final product do align…